Why Choose Skylatus As Your Capital Advisor?

Skylatus Property Capital is a real estate debt and equity brokerage firm. We raise capital by brokering mortgages and placing equity through our established network of lenders and equity investors. Our key differentiator is the composition of our team. While most capital brokerage firms are comprised of salespeople, our team has a private equity ownership and lending background. We are proficient at structuring capital for the most challenging deals and we add value to transactions in ways that salespeople can’t. Our investment and lending experience allows our clients to leverage us to a greater degree than a traditional capital advisory firm. That leverage gives our clients more time to focus on other deals while we close their existing ones.

Differentiating Areas of Value


Our team has sat on all sides of the closing table as borrowers, sellers, lenders and advisors. This gives our team a competitive advantage when negotiating with capital providers.


Our team has sat on investment and credit committees for property acquisitions and loan originations, respectively. Therefore, our team knows how to present information to capital providers in a way that increases the liklihood of deals getting approved.


Our team has completed countless renovations of properties across the country. Our team knows the important provisions that should be included within loan agreements related to renovations.


Our team has drafted loan agreements as lenders and knows the tricks of the trade that lenders use. This allows our team to protect our clients from traps within loan agreements.

Transaction Management

Our team has originated and coordinated the closing of over $1 billion of loans as lenders. Our team has the experience to manage our clients’ transactions from start to finish. This allows our clients to focus their time elsewhere while our team handles the successful closing of their current deal.


Our team has asset managed properties across the country. Our team has firsthand experience resolving problems that require lender, franchisor and joint-venture partner approvals.


Our team has overseen the cash management of properties during the Great Recession. Our team knows how critical it is to have properly structured lockbox and cash management agreements.


Our team has rebuilt properties that were severly damaged by hurricanes. Our team knows the important language to include within loan agreements related to insurance claims.


Our team has restructured hundreds of millions of dollars of CMBS debt as borrowers. Our clients receive the benefit of our experience if they ever need to complete loan modifications of their own.


Our team does not have sales quotas like advisors at larger organizations have. As a result, our team can spend more time with its clients providing a better level of service rather than worrying about how they are going to close their next deal.

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